Battery Charger 6 12 Volt Wheeled Rizk CH110

A no frills US Made wheeled battery charger that will give many years of service with reasonable care.



You save $30.00 (8%)!


100/80/2 AMPS Charge Rate
Rate Selector Switch to give the correct charge rate
of “Fast” – “Medium” or “Slow” *
Slow 2 AMPS trickle
550 AMPS Boost/Crank Capacity
All COPPER Large Heavy Duty Transformer (with Spare
Rectifiers to Avoid Downtime)

For Charging:

Conventional, Maintenance Free, AGM, Gel Cell, Deep
Cycle and Marine Batteries
Polarity Protected
Activates Any Battery
New Exclusive Battery Tester
Test Charging and Cranking System
Protected Against Shorts and Overloads
Selector Charge Switch to Give the Desired Charge Rate
1 Hour Timer for Boost setting
Large Easy Read Ammeter
Exclusive “550 AMPS” Safety Clamps- Heavy Duty Twin
4ga Welding Charging Cable (8 ft. long)
Quality Unsurpassed
Rugged and Shop Tested
Indoor/Outdoor Rated
5 Years Warranty on Transformer and Rectifier


Input: 120 Volts – 13 AMPS 60 HZ.
Output: 6/12 V. DC 100/80 AMPS 550 AMPS Boost
Dimensions: 26 x 12 x 11 inches