Cyclo Z Lube Penetrating Spray Penetrant C405 12pk case

Cyclo Z Lube Multi Purpose Lube Spray in 12oz cans. If you want to rid irritating squeaks from hinges, doors or windows, help is here.



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Cyclo Z Lube Penetrant Spray C405 in 12oz cans 12pk case.

Additional Info:

Silicone free Z Lube prevents the formation of rust, loosens rusted parts, fasteners and removes hard water deposits. It also cleans most surfaces of grease, chewing gum, tar, crayon marks and adhesives.

The most unique feature of Z-Lube is its low odor – there’s no offensive oily odor.
The light citrus aroma makes it pleasant to use in confined spaces or indoors.
The container has an easy push, spray nozzle.
Displaces Moisture, Loosens rusted parts.
Protects against moisture, rust, and corrosion.
Order by single cans or 12pk case.