Electronic Specialties LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads with Manual 181

Electronic Specialties LoadPro Dynamic Test Leads Set with Electrical Fundamental Manual Combo Set.



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The LoadPro Leads originally called The Teslite Multimeter Lead Set is used with your electrical multimeter to provide a load to a circuit for more accurate evaluation of circuit function. Many circuit problems with wiring switches and connections due to corrosion or wear show up only when a circuit is operated under a loaded condition. Teslite Multimeter Leads are the only product on the market to perform these tests.

Electronic Specialties Electrical Troubleshooting Manual by the designer of the original TESlite voltmeter leads now called LoadPro. A plainly written and illustrated mechanics shop manual describing basic electrical theory as related to vehicle circuit testing. Written BY a mechanic instructor FOR mechanics. A invaluable shop tool for the experienced as well as novice tech. If there’s one subject that almost all mechanics need help with – it’s electricity. The most difficult part is not being able to “see” what electricity is doing, and this makes it hard to make sense of what needs to be done to repair a faulty electrical system.

Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting – the SHOPbook – is a 140-page book written with mechanics in mind. The examples are clear and are practical; If it’s in the book, you can use it in the shop.

Topics covered include:

Relays and Solenoids
Rheostats and Potentiometers
How to REALLY Read Schematics
Meter Reading Tricks and Little-known facts
Multiplexing and Sensors
Voltage, Resistance and Current in Troubleshooting
Diodes, Transistors and Multiplexing
Motors and Alternators
Troubleshooting Methods and Tricks of the Trade