Gent L Kleen 14-4400 Premium Blue Hand Cleaner Dreumex

Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Premium Blue Hand Cleaner is a concentrated, ready-to-use general washroom hand soap. It can also be used as a shampoo.



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Premium Blue Liquid Hand Clean Body Wash Soap the same special care that goes into manufacturing Gent-l-kleen’s finest quality hand cleaners has been used to develop and manufacture this economical, pH balanced, biodegradable hand soap. Heavy consistency reduces dispenser leak through and product waste. Premium Blue has been authorized by the United States Department of Agriculture under the E-1 category allowing it’s use throughout meat, poultry and shell egg grading plants.

Premium Blue in 4000 ml Tanks that accommodate the new Dispenser-Mate 5000 Dispensing Specifications: Fragrance: Natural, Light Floral, Color: Blue, Viscosity: Rich Liquid Conditioning Agents: Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Wheat Germ Extract . Product Features and Benefits: Less Waste than Bag-In-A-Box Contains an Antibacterial Agent, Biodegradable, pH Balanced U.S.D.A. Authorized, E-1, 2005 VOC Compliant Best on the Following Soils: Light Dirt and Grime, Water Soluble Adhesives, Water Based Inks. 14-4400

Additional Info:

Premium Blue Liquid Hand Soap is available in Gent-l-keen’s proprietary 4000 ml tank. The 4000 ml can be used with our patented 0-5000 Dispenser-Mate 5000 reservoir dispenser or disposable, pump-top dispenser, Stock Number 0-2270. The 4000 ml tank also fits all models of Zep Manufacturing Co’s D-4000 dispenser and Arjem Inc.’s flat-top gallon dispenser which is sold through Gent-l-kleen as Stock Number 0-1120.