Gent L Kleen 20-4400 Turbo Cherry Hand Cleaner Dreumex

Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Turbo Cherry Hand Cleaner with pumice is a premium, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner effective for removing the toughest soils. Pleasant cherry scent.



You save $7.38 (15%)!

Fine pumice works with the formula to provide fast and complete removal of grease, most inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, paints, industrial carbon and more.

This advanced conditioning formula contains an antimicrobial agent and ten skin care ingredients including almond oil, soy oil, glycerin, lanolin, wheat germ extract and vitamins A, C and E. Turbo Cherry in 4000-mL refill tanks for use in Gent-l-kleen’s patented Dispenser-Mate 5000 Reservoir Dispensing System. Biodegradable, complies with all 2005 state VOC regulations.


Fragrance: Wild Cherry
Color: Cherry Vanilla