Gent L Kleen 4000ML Wall Mount Dispenser 05000G

Back-plate is mounted to wall. Dispenser/reservoir unit locks into bottom portion of mounted plate. With foil seal down, align refill with middle and upper tracks on back-plate. Refill is pushed in and slid down into tracks locking it into position which breaks the foil seal. Product flows into reservoir emptying completely during use with no waste.



You save $40.35 (31%)!

When empty, refill tank can be changed at maintenance personnel’s convenience as a full 1000 ml of product will be left in the reservoir. You get 1,444 dispensing from each 4000-ml refill.

Formulations and Packaging:

Refill Tanks for the Dispenser-Mate® 5000 System are available in Smooth and Pumicized Citrus Lotion Conditioner Enriched Hand Cleaners, Pumicized Advantage HD Hand Cleaner, Premium Blue Hand & Body Soap, Ultra Zapper Hand Cleaner, Turbo Cherry Hand Cleaner, Soy Blast Hand Cleaner and GLK-55 Heavy-Duty Hand Soap. Product cases include four, 4000-ml refill tanks. The Dispenser-Mate 5000 Dispensing System is available in single units.


System includes: Proprietary, unique Gent-l-kleen patented dispenser, reservoir and mounting plate for use with 4000 ml refill tanks
Color: Stay-clean black dispenser and mounting plate; see-through white refill tank and reservoir
Capacity: 1000 ml reservoir plus 4000 ml refill tank gives user a 5000 ml system
Product Features and Benefits:
Easy, quick-changing, no-mess Refill Tank empties 100%— NO WASTE.
Reservoir back-up allows reloading at your convenience.
System SAVES 30-40% over other systems.
Time-tested, heavy-duty pump mechanism is guaranteed for life.
See-through window lets user know when Refill can be changed.
Foil seal locks in freshness and eliminates tampering
Snap-in/snap-out features lock Reservoir and Refill Tank in place.
Refill also fits Zep Manufacturing Co.’s D-4000 dispenser (all models) and Arjem flat-top gallon dispenser also sold through Gent-l-kleen.