Gent L Kleen 55-4400 GLK55 Hand Cleaner Dreumex

GLK-55 Solvent Free Heavy-Duty Hand Soap with Microscrubbers is the newest addition to Gent-l-kleen's Dreumex skin care product line. GLK-55 departs from Gent-l-kleen's well known waterless hand cleaners that do not require water to a low-foaming, soap-base product that is meant to be used with water.



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To be fully effective, you should start with water, add water while cleaning and follow with a thorough rinse.
GLK-55 effectively removes general dirt and grime, greases, some inks, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, water-based paints, industrial carbon and other heavy-duty soils. It is solvent free, VOC free, water soluble and biodegradable. It will not clog drains.

The GLK-55 formula contains a bacteriostat and five natural moisturizers including glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba and wheat germ extract. These moisturizers soothe and condition your hands with no oily or sticky after-feel. The formula leaves your hands smelling clean and fresh. Fine, plastic microscrubbing beads added to GLK-55 formula allow you to gently clean deeper to remove even the toughest dirt and grime.

GLK-55 Heavy-Duty Hand Soap is available in Gent-l-keen’s proprietary 4000 ml tank. The 4000 ml can be used with our patented 0-5000 lifetime-quaranteed, Dispenser-Mate 5000 reservoir dispenser or disposable, pump-top dispenser, Stock Number 0-2270. The 4000 ml tank also fits all models of Zep Manufacturing Co’s D-4000 dispenser and Arjem Inc.’s flat-top gallon dispenser which is sold through Gent-l-kleen as Stock Number 0-1120.
Using GLK-55 as part of your skin care program promotes clean, healthy skin and helps to prevent dermatitis.


Fragrance: Lemon-Lime
Color: Blue
Viscosity: Lotion
Conditioning Agents:
Vitamin E
Aloe Vera
Wheat Germ Extract
Product Features and Benefits:
Fortified with Microscrubbing Beads for Deep Cleaning
Use with Water
No solvents or VOC’s
No Over-Powering Fragrance
Contains Antiseptic Agent
Biodegradable Formula
Best on these soils:
Oils and Lubricants
Industrial Carbon
General Soils and More