Gent L Kleen Nut Shell Hand Cleaner Dreumex

Gent L Kleen Dreumex Nut Shell Hand Cleaner is a solvent-free, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner ideal for use in automotive and industrial settings. The formula utilizes natural walnut shell scrubbers to safely and effectively remove dirt, grease, lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement, rust, and many other hard-to-remove soils.



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Gent-l-kleen Nut Shell is VOC free and environmentally friendly. Available in 4000ml refill tank for use in the exclusive Dispenser-Mate 5000 reservoir dispensing system.

Nut Shell Hand Cleaner is packaged in Gent-l-keen’s proprietary 4000 ml tank. The 4000 ml can be used with our patented 0-5000 lifetime-quaranteed, Dispenser-Mate 5000 reservoir dispenser or disposable, pump-top dispenser, Stock Number 0-2270. The 4000 ml tank also fits all models of Zep Manufacturing Co’s D-4000 dispenser and Arjem Inc.’s flat-top gallon dispenser which is sold through Gent-l-kleen as Stock Number 0-1120.