Launch Super 16 Can-Bus Connector 203010462

The Launch X431 scan tools have a number of 16-pin OBD II-style plugs, of which the OBD-16C and CAN 2 are by far the most popular. Although your X431 will tell you which plug to use it will only do this after you have connected to the car potentially wasting time.



You save $265.00 (73%)!

The NEW Launch Super 16 connector avoids this by covering the functions of the SMART OBD, OBD-16C, CANBUS II plugs as well as the BMW-16 and TOYOTA-16 plugs. Additionally the super 16 connector has a double wired CAN bus system allowing additional coverage for new Opel, SAAb and GM vehicles, especially for the SRS system and some BODY control system. Also the CITROEN/PEUGEOT converter required for use with the CAN 2 plug is no longer required with the Super16 Connector.