Opti 2 Cycle Fuel Mix Oil Enviro Formula 3.2oz Pouch 6pk

Opti 2 Cycle Fuel Mix Oil Enviro Formula in 3.2oz 6pk covers ALL mix ratios for ALL 2 cycle engines. Lower your fuel mix costs by buying larger containers.



You save $1.20 (7%)!

Opti 2 Fuel Mix Oil Enviro Formula is the original premium single mix oil that covers ALL mix ratios for ALL 2 cycle engines.

Opti 2 oil is the one quality oil product that does it all! Whether you are looking for a Fuel Mix Oil for a chainsaw, string trimmer, leaf blower, weed wacker, airplane, quad, motorcycle, jet ski, marine outboard or other two cycle engine Opti 2 cycle engine lubricants provide premium lubrication and performance. Opti oil is Safe for use with ethanol fuels with up to a 10% alcohol content. Opti-2 oil is rated ISO-EG-D++, the highest rating available in the stringent International Standards Organization global performance ratings system. Opti-2 oil meets and exceeds all equipment manufacturers rating requirements.

* Increased performance and longer engine life
* Smoke free operation
* Contains fuel stabilize

Additional Info:

Opti-2 (formerly known as Optimol) has been protecting two-cycle
engines for more than 30 years!

Opti-2 Oil Fuel Mix Enviro Formula Two Cycle Oil is available in 5.3 Gallon, 1 Gallon, 34 Ounce and 12 Ounce containers as well as 1.8 Ounce and 3.2 Ounce Mix Pouches.

*Pouches feature particularly easily understood mixing instructions for employees especially for crews with a language barrier * Add 1 pouch to 1 gas can 1 ratio for all engines.

Opti-2 1.8oz pouches mix 1 gallon of fuel each.

Opti-2 3.2oz pouches mix 2.5 gallons of fuel each

Opti-2 12oz bottles mix 10 gallons of fuel each

Opti-2 34oz bottles mix 25 gallons of fuel each

Opti-2 Gallon Jugs mix 100 gallons of fuel each

Opti-2 5.3 Gallon Pails mix 530 gallons of fuel each

Opti-2 Pro-Tube Protective Six-Pack of 1.8oz mix pouches! The mix pouches are protected from punctures whether stored in toolbox, saw case, or other high impact area.

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