Opti 4 Four Cycle Engine Oil 5/30W 5.3 Gallon Pail

Opti-4 Four Cycle Oil 5/30W is a premium petroleum based high performance lubricant for 4 cycle engines used cold environments (Do not use with ambient temperatures above 60deg). Opti-4 Four Cycle Oil 5/30W is available in 5.3 Gallon, 1 Gallon and 20 Ounce containers.



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Opti 4 Four Cycle Engine Oil 5/30W in 5.3 Gallon Pail

* Increased engine performance
* Longer engine life
* Surface improvement
* Less friction * Lower operating temperatures
* Doubles OEM Engine Warranty with registration and exclusive use from when engine is first put into service.
Opti 4 is a premium 4 cycle engine lubricant.

Additional Info:


Opti-4 is also available in various size containers of 10/30W 10/40W multi viscosity formulas as well as single viscosity 30W.
Opti-4 is the highest quality petroleum engine lubricant available, and is formulated specifically for the severe demands of power equipment.
Opti-4 is a unique blend utilizing patented additive technology for anti-wear characteristics combined with the industry’s highest standard for anti-corrosion and thermal stability. Through the use of the additives, Opti-4 extends the life of any 4-cycle power equipment engine by reducing friction, heat, and wear.
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