Power Probe III Circuit Tester Kit 319FTC



You save $20.00 (11%)!

The Power Probe III Tester provides a multitude of test functions

– Test Light
– Built-in Flashlight
– Short Circuit Tester–Relay and Component Tester
– Continuity Tester–Bad Ground Indicator
– 20 ft Jumper lead set–42 Volt Ready
– Easy to read backlit Voltmeter allows you to read voltage at the tip eliminating wasted time running to your toolbox for a voltmeter!
– 42V Ready right out of the box prepares you for the future now!
– New gold plated rugged connectors guaranty a secure hook-up every time.
– Standard 4mm cap ensures full compatibly with our Gold Series Lead Set as well as all other 4mm leads plugs and jacks already in your toolbox.
– In addition to these added benefits you’ll enjoy all the other great features technicians and tool dealers alike have enjoyed over the years with the Power Probe 1 and 2:
– When you connect the Power Probe to the car’s battery you have a multitude of testers at your finger tips.
– Press the rocker switch forward and you’ll have a hot lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans relays press the switch rearward and you will have an instant ground lead.
– Simultaneously use the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand.
– The polarity tester instantly identifies positive negative and open circuits without having to re-polarize or reconnect hookup clips like with ordinary test lights.
– Power Probes circuit breaker helps you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses.
– Instantly check continuity of switches relays and diodes.