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  • Gent L Kleen 12-4400 Citris Hand Cleaner Dreumex


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    Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Citris Hand Cleaner w/Pumice 12-4400. Citrus-based formula with pumice has fresh scent of natural citrus. Packaged in Gent-l-keen's proprietary 4000 ml tank. The 4000 ml can be used with our patented 0-5000 lifetime-quaranteed, Dispenser-Mate 5000 reservoir dispenser or disposable, pump-top dispenser, Stock Number 0-2270. The 4000 ml tank also fits all models of Zep Manufacturing Co's D-4000 dispenser and Arjem Inc.'s flat-top gallon dispenser which is sold through Gent-l-kleen as Stock Number 0-1120

  • Gent L Kleen 14-4400 Premium Blue Hand Cleaner Dreumex


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    Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Premium Blue Hand Cleaner is a concentrated, ready-to-use general washroom hand soap. It can also be used as a shampoo.

  • Gent L Kleen 20-4400 Turbo Cherry Hand Cleaner Dreumex


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    Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Turbo Cherry Hand Cleaner with pumice is a premium, heavy-duty lotion hand cleaner effective for removing the toughest soils. Pleasant cherry scent.

  • Gent L Kleen 4000ML Wall Mount Dispenser 05000G


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    Back-plate is mounted to wall. Dispenser/reservoir unit locks into bottom portion of mounted plate. With foil seal down, align refill with middle and upper tracks on back-plate. Refill is pushed in and slid down into tracks locking it into position which breaks the foil seal. Product flows into reservoir emptying completely during use with no waste.

  • Gent L Kleen Skin Armor Barrier Foam 5-1812 Dreumex

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    Gent-L-Kleen Dreumex Skin Armorâ„¢ provides a unique, invisible skin shield that features the moisturizing power of aloe vera, vitamin E, jojoba, wheat germ extract and lanolin without any silicone. It shields skin from chemicals, dyes, dirt, oil, grease, solvents, paints, fiberglass fibers, resins, epoxies, alkalis, acids, inks, tar, shop grime and more. 5-1812